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Would You Be Mine: Appropriating Minecraft as an Assistive Technology for Youth with Autism

Preview: Those with disabilities have long adopted, adapted, and appropriated collaborative systems to serve as assistive devices. In a Minecraft virtual world for children with autism, community members use do-it-yourself (DIY) making activities to transform Minecraft into a variety of assistive technologies. Our results demonstrate how players and administrators “mod” the Minecraft system to support self-regulation and community engagement. “Need a place to calm down? Quiet? Peaceful? Choose a Calm Room to visit here. In these rooms [t]here is no chat. It’s a place to relax. Visit any time.” If a child finds face-to-face conversations challenging and feels isolated from their peers at ...
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UCI Informatics Write Up on DanceCraft

Lovely write up about the DanceCraft study by the Informatics department here at UCI: http://www.informatics.uci.edu/informatics-ph-d-student-introduces-dancecraft-to-oc-autistic-children/ ...
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News Coverage for our Dance Study

The OC Register covered part of our research on dance for kids with autism yesterday. Check it out! What the news article doesn't mention is that along with dance lessons, ...
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Public Impact Fellowship

I'm happy to announce I have been awarded as a Public Impact Fellow for 2017. Public Impact Fellowships highlight and support doctoral students whose current research has the potential for ...
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