PDF of Analog Games Paper

Here is the pdf version of my Analog Games Paper, “Who Has Access? Making Accessible Play Spaces in Minecraft for Children with Autism”. Enjoy!

QGCon Presentation Available on YouTube

My QGCon presentation, “Minecraft as a Site of Sociality for Autistic Youth,” is now available on YouTube. My talk starts around the 40 minute mark, but I do highly recommend the other talks from my session as well.

Analog Games Article Now Online

I’m happy to announce my latest article, “Who Has Access? Making Accessible Spaces in Minecraft for Children with Autism,” is now online in Analog Games Studies.

UCI Informatics Write Up on DanceCraft

Lovely write up about the DanceCraft study by the Informatics department here at UCI: http://www.informatics.uci.edu/informatics-ph-d-student-introduces-dancecraft-to-oc-autistic-children/

News Coverage for our Dance Study

The OC Register covered part of our research on dance for kids with autism yesterday. Check it out!

What the news article doesn’t mention is that along with dance lessons, the participants also get to take home the DanceCraft system so they can keep practicing their dance moves.

Public Impact Fellowship

I’m happy to announce I have been awarded as a Public Impact Fellow for 2017.

Public Impact Fellowships highlight and support doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial impact in the public sphere. Ideal candidates will be involved in research designed to significantly improve or enrich the lives of Californians and/or national and global communities.

ARCS Fellow Scholar

I’m happy to announce I have been awarded as an ARCS Fellow Scholar for 2016-2018.

The National ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation, Inc., is a unique, nonprofit, national volunteer organization of women dedicated to providing scholarships to academically outstanding U.S. citizens studying to complete their degrees in science, medicine and engineering, thereby contributing to the worldwide advancement of science and technology.

ASSETS Best Paper Finalist

Our ASSETS 2016 paper, “Would You Be Mine: Appropriating Minecraft as an Assistive Technology for Youth with Autism” is a Best Paper Finalist! I will be presenting this work at ASSETS October 24.

Kathryn E. Ringland, Christine T. Wolf, LouAnne E. Boyd, Mark Baldwin, and Gillian R. Hayes. 2016. Would You Be Mine: Appropriating Minecraft as an Assistive Technology for Youth with Autism. In ASSETS 2016. [PDF]